It all began in 1970 when Daniel Raufast, who created KICKERS, stopped to look at a poster for HAIR, the American musical expressing a widespread desire for personal freedom. Day after day, a whole generation bursting with energy was inventing an original way of life in tune with their new aspirations. The key words of this young generation determined to live their dreams to the full were: INDEPENDENCE, OPTIMISM, IMAGINATION, ESCAPE. And these dreams were embodied right down to the way they dressed in practical, colourful clothes asserting their identity. But one key element was missing in this imaginative and creative look, a form of footwear which would be to shoes what jeans were to trousers – the symbol of an alternative culture, both a way of expressing their difference and a promise of new pleasures. This shoe first appeared in the spring of that same year, and it was called KICKERS. Like JEANS, the cult clothing of the children of the rock generation, KICKERS are strong, practical and comfortable. Like the multi-coloured SHIRTS of the Flower Power generation, they are bright, cheerful and colourful. And like just about everything that the offspring of the Swinging sixties liked to wear they represented the simple, authentic qualities of natural materials.

  • Origin: France
  • Manufacturing: India