About Tony Pappas




For more than 115 years, Tony Pappas has been your shoe expert! Located in the heart of Plateau Mont-Royal, the family business is constantly being renewed. Our goal is not just to sell you a pair of shoes, but to sell you the pair you need!

The expertise of our employees and our personalized service make Tony Pappas a destination of choice. It is very important for us to offer you an impeccable service every time you visit. Whether it's advice on how to properly adjust shoes on your child, products to revive damaged shoes or help you find the perfect sandal, our team will answer your questions.

We know that quality and comfort are important to you and that's why, every year, we take care to choose collections that will please you. Whether you are looking for shoes for men, women or children, our selection from all over the world, we will have something to charm you.  



It is in a warm and relaxed atmosphere that we welcome you every day. We are proud to maintain the family tradition, but especially proud to have such a beautiful clientele that makes everything possible one day at a time!

Hard to shop for children's shoes? Do not worry, at Tony Pappas, we have specially designed facilities that will delight your children. Moreover, our team is trained to take care of your little one’s feet. Our employees will be able to advise you according to your specific needs, but especially to offer you the appropriate size according to the age of your child.