Toni Pons

Faithful to its roots and with the same enthusiasm as almost 70 years ago, Toni Pons is moving towards the future with the aim of reinventing and improving the firm every day.

The brand’s new image goes way beyond the simple reformulation of the logo and includes the restructuring of the collection into sections, each with a clearly defined personality:

Origins is the most traditional range of hand-stitched espadrilles, while Essential features a more urban, modern line, always in tune with the latest fashions. Sophistication and glamour are the luxury hallmarks of Premium, contrasting with the bold, young and ground-breaking style of Instinct. We’re also introducing TONI, the exclusive collection for men.

We’re revamping the range to offer you the finest espadrilles and the latest trends with the artisanal touch of always, for women of every age and every nationality. Fresh, comfortable, feminine footwear imbued with the character of the Mediterranean.

Our passion for espadrilles drives us to come up with new designs full of fashion, colour, and craftsmanship while remaining true to our spirit and our artisan shoemaking process using natural materials of the very highest quality.



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