Karl Toosbuy - the founder of ECCO - became the first shoemaker to realize that shoes had to be made to fit the foot, thereby breaking with centuries of shoemaking tradition. As a result, functional, comfortable ECCO shoes were launched in the 1970’s and became an instant success. Throughout his long career, Karl Toosbuy set himself the task of doing things better, faster, and differently. Here, we are inspired by nature. We believe form follows function. We strive for elegant simplicity and timeless style. For us, beauty comes not from decoration, but from purposeful elements: material, shape, color and the experience itself. At ECCO we apply this thinking to shoes. We use rich, supple and resilient leathers. We create classic shapes that outlast fashion and we consistently find ways to make our shoes softer, more flexible, and more capable of following the foot. Remember how the first steps as a child gave you the freedom to explore the world on your own. Step into the world of ECCO and find a renewed freedom to move forward, sideward and upward. At ECCO we go our own ways to reach new heights and fulfilling our dream.

  • Origin: Denmark
  • Manufacturing: Asia