Pedag Suede Cleaner

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The pedag SUEDE CLEANER is ideal for dry cleaning suede: it reliably removes superficial stains and dirt.

Remove dirt and ugly stains from suede with our pedag SUEDE CLEANER. It is the ideal helper when it comes to dry cleaning your shoes. Especially when you are short of time and you want to remove superficial stains from your shoes, the pedag SUEDE CLEANER is the best choice. No matter if there are stains on the leather or the heel, our pedag SUEDE CLEANER removes all kinds of stains and marks within instants. True to the motto: not a stain and shining bright.

To dry clean your shoes, take the SUEDE CLEANER and gently rub the stain. Afterwards, smoothly brush over the cleaned area. Tip: after cleaning your shoes, refresh the leather with pedag SUEDE CARE and then protect it from water, dirt and stains with a spray protector.

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