Many of us find it frustrating when we arrive at work or other destinations only to find our footwear or pant legs are soaking wet and cold. Our shoes are damp and we are left uncomfortable for the rest of the day in footwear that was is not waterproof and was never intended to go outside in the first place. Rainy or snowy weather is not something we can easily avoid, especially in Canada or northern States. Most of us can not be bothered to bring an extra pair of shoes along for our regular commute. Not only is it inconvenient to carry extra things, but it is remembering to do so, finding a place to store them once you've arrived and the time to switch footwear several times a day. Then there are those of you who have work that requires you to go into people’s homes. You need rubber waterproof footwear or warm winter boots but taking them on and off is cumbersome and time-consuming however you do not want to tread snow and dirt into people’s houses. There is a solution that allows you to wear everyday indoor footwear you love, without getting cold or wet feet and that is NEOS Overshoes. Your footwear will be saved from the wear and tear of outdoor winter weather conditions such as nasty salt on roads and sidewalks.

  • Origin: Canada
  • Manufacturing: China