Boot Rescue

« The weather outside may be horrible, but your boots don't have to be.»

The founder of BootRescue, Tracey Sloga, is a Canadian and a fashion lover who's always been crazy about boots. (If you ask her husband, he might say she has more pairs than entirely necessary.) Growing up in Canada, Tracey was often frustrated by salt ruining her prized possessions. After one particularly bad winter, she’d had enough and threw herself into finding a solution. Within a year she developed, produced and launched BootRescue Wipes. Buoyed by the success of this product, she went on to develop a range of wipes (always all-natural), which have kept shoes and boots in over 50 countries around the world damage-free and looking gorgeous.

With these simple tips, you can keep every pair of your beloved boots looking great all season long.

  • The perfect time to spray those fab new boots with a leather or suede protector is before wearing them.
  • Salt can start damaging boots immediately, so the best time to wipe your boots is as soon as you come in from the snow and slush.
  • For suede boots, once you’ve cleaned the salt stains off, brush them with a stiff suede brush to keep the suede looking its best. For really stubborn stains, you can use something hard to rub them off.
  • The key to keeping your footwear looking great is maintenance, maintenance, maintenance. So always resole or reheel those shoes or boots before they're beyond repair.
  • From time to time, it's a good idea to re-apply the leather or suede protector to your boots to keep them as well protected as possible.
  • If your boots or shoes get wet, a newspaper's what you need. Simply stuff your wet footwear with it and put them somewhere away from direct heat to dry.
  • To keep the shape of your boots when you're not wearing them you can use wooden boot stuffers.
  • If your shoes or boots get a little 'fragrant', here are a few easy ways to get them fresh-smelling again: replace the insoles
  • Before you store your boots for the winter, make sure to clean them thoroughly so the salt won't cause permanent damage.