How to obtain the right balance? Where can we admire the perfect beauty that only cares about the very best? Where can we be simply happy? The answer is Nature. Nature is a grand master for us. Our company philosophy drives us to create shoes that are in perfect harmony with nature. This can be observed when we carefully choose the materials as well as during every step of the production. The result: a high-quality product in which our customers feel good. Our history spreads on over 110 years during which natural materials and sophisticated finish have always been key. In 1898, Emil Otto, the actual director’s grandfather, started a rope production. Then, in 1955, the hut shoe got very famous. The expansion that followed this crucial year has brought innovations and a lot of new creations. Our traditional company, based in Goslar, is located in the heart of the Lower Saxony region in Germany. With this inspiring panorama and because we grew up with unique adventures in nature, simplicity is a value that is tightly related to our family.

  • Origin: Germany
  • Manufacturing: Germany