At Kamik, we create footwear that brings our Northern origins to life. Strong. Dependable. Resilient. We’ve been doing this since 1898, day in and day out and we’ve got the results to show it. Our complete line of outdoor footwear keeps you safe, dry, and comfortable year-round from summer rainstorms to winter blizzards. So no matter the conditions, you can always enjoy the outdoors. We have over 100 years of manufacturing history and it all started with a man named William Cook. We continue to dedicate all of our energy to create products that fit every lifestyle. This is how Kamik won the hearts of Canadian, American, and European families. To this day, Kamik is still family owned and operated. The vision of quality of our brand, the constant improvement to our products, and our strong respect of the environment and the greater respect for our own employee’s. Commitment, respect, and sustainability. This is Kamik's legacy.

  • Origin: Quebec (Lachine)
  • Manufacturing: Quebec (Montreal)
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