For more than 35 years Garneau & Co. has designed and handcrafted high-quality sheepskin slippers and accessories. Its team of talented artisans, located in an atelier in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, preserves through their work traditional craftsmanship and a return to a natural aesthetic. Since the company’s beginnings, Garneau & Co. has used only the finest sheepskin from New Zealand and Australia. Carefully selected from the most reputable suppliers, our sheepskins have an incomparable feel and density, which enables us to craft refined products that offer a natural balance between lightness, comfort, and durability. Because we source the finest materials our leathers and suedes are recognizable for their distinctive softness, suppleness and silky character. Entirely handmade, each piece offers a distinctive style that is comfortable, durable and timeless.

  • Origin: Quebec (Absbestos)
  • Manufacturing: Quebec (Asbestos)
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