From Alfred Lambert to Acton International, today Acton® is a Regence footwear inc. owned brand.

Since Acton® acquisition in 2004, Regence’s team is continuously working to develop quality and safe products in order to keep its promise: to offer you products designed for your reality, which will improve your comfort every minute, every day.

Acton offers an array of more than hundred styles adapted to different activities. The Acton® brand is well known for its overshoes, its outdoor boots, its winter boots, its children boots as well as for its work boots and industrial footwear.

It all began in 1928 when a well known Quebec businessman, Mr. Alfred  Lambert, decided to design and manufacture a wide range of rubber        footwear based on the growing demand of the market. At the beginning,  Acton was developing and manufacturing products for the army, the  police, the firefighters, the miners and general workers. At that time, the  Acton boots were manufactured in Acton Vale (in Quebec province) where  their name comes from. 

  • Origin : Quebec
  • Manufacturing : Cambodia