Hush Puppies



In 1958 the world became a little more comfortable as Hush Puppies designed the first casual shoe. Combining supple full grain suede with lightweight crepe soles, Hush Puppies created a new alternative—soft, breathable and very comfortable footwear—and invited the world to relax and enjoy. It was an innovation that ultimately changed the kind of shoes we wear and ushered in today’s relaxed lifestyle. The Hush Puppies basset hound embodies the soft, lovable and relaxed spirit that has defined Hush Puppies from its very start. Our brand name and mascot were introduced during a time of new freedoms and changing lifestyles. They quickly became symbolic of the emerging optimism of mid-century America. Relaxed and classic in design, Hush Puppies has always defined what it means to be modern and casual. A revolutionary idea—that introduced the world to the first casual shoe in 1958—continues to inspire us today.

  • Origin : Canada
  • Manufacturing : Asia