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A guide to help you select the perfect water shoes !

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A guide to help you select the perfect water shoes !

As temperatures rise, it's time to start thinking about all your summer adventures. Whether you're planning a beach vacation, poolside relaxation, or lakeside getaway, it's important to choose the right shoes. No matter where you go, water shoes will provide valuable protection for the whole family's feet! This article will help you navigate through different brands and types of water shoes and provide useful tips to make the best choice.



What You'll Learn in This Article:

  • Choosing the Right Water Shoes Based on Activity
  • Key Factors in Choosing Water Shoes



Choosing the Right Shoes for Your Activity

To start off, it's important to differentiate between shoes that can go in the water and those designed for water play. Each type of water shoe is specifically designed for a particular use, so it's crucial to choose the right pair based on your intended activity.


1. Pool

Slipstop shoes are perfect for the pool. They offer excellent grip and efficient water drainage. Additionally, they are machine washable and air-dry quickly, making maintenance a breeze. Prevent accidents while fully enjoying your pool outings!


2. Beach and Poolside

For those hot summer days, Havaianas sandals and Under Armour slides are perfect choices. They are lightweight, comfortable, and can be worn on hot sand without any issues.


3. Urban Environments

In urban settings, you can choose water shoes without toe protection. Salt Water, Keen, Merrell, Kamik (open-toe models), and Geox offer versatile shoes that can be worn in water while maintaining an elegant look for urban environments. Additionally, Native shoes, which are lightweight and easy to slip on, are perfect for urban use but not suitable for water activities that require stability.


4.. All-Purpose (Urban + Water Sports)

Brands like Merrell, Keen, Reima, and Kamik offer sturdy closed-toe shoes that are ideal for a variety of activities, whether urban or aquatic. These shoes are perfect for outdoor activities, summer camps, and park outings.


It's important to note that water shoes aren't just for kids—they are available for adults too ! Many brands offer a wide range of water shoes for adults, such as Slipstop, Havaianas, Native, Keen, Merrell, Olukai, Salt Water, and Toni Pons.


Key Factors in Choosing Water Shoes

To choose the best water shoes for your specific needs, consider the following key factors:


Intended Use

Different activities require different features. If you plan on hiking, look for shoes with good traction and solid support. For the beach or pool, sandals or flip-flops may suffice.



Materials like neoprene and rubber offer water resistance, durability, and protection, while synthetic fabric is lightweight and breathable.


Grip and Traction

For activities on slippery or unstable surfaces, such as water sports or hiking in streams, look for shoes with good grip and traction.



Comfort is essential for any type of shoe. Make sure your water shoes fit well and provide sufficient support.


Toe Protection

If you'll be kayaking, canoeing, or engaging in activities where your feet could get injured, look for shoes with toe protection.



If you plan to use your water shoes frequently or for intense activities, investing in a high-quality pair can be more cost-effective in the long run.


Ease of Maintenance

Water shoes can quickly become smelly if not properly maintained. It's best to choose shoes that are easy to clean and dry.


By keeping these factors in mind, you'll be well-equipped to find the water shoes that best suit your needs. Remember, the ideal choice will vary depending on the individual and their lifestyle !


To ensure you choose the right size, don't hesitate to visit a store where our team can provide you with advice. If you prefer to shop online, feel free to consult our printable foot measuring guide. If the measurement falls between two sizes, choose the larger one.

Also, don't hesitate to reach out to Naomi, our customer service manager, for further advice ([email protected] or 514-521-0820 #229).



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